D’Tigers Basketball

Team Image development and promotion

Team Nigeria to The World

Our team at Lumen played a crucial role in enhancing the image and boosting the engagement of D’Tigers, the Nigerian Basketball Team, on all social media platforms during their international appearances at the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games, the 2016 Afro Basket, and the 2019 FIBA World Cup and Peak Invitational International tournament.

Our Role

We created impactful digital content to showcase the team’s journey and performance during each tournament or international outing.

We produced team rosters that showcased player profiles, highlighting their skills, versatility, and experience for each tournament.

Nigerian fans were kept informed of the team’s progress with timely game schedules and real-time results, all made available across our official social media platforms.

Our team successfully produced impactful videos that significantly boosted the morale of both our team and its fanbase.

The team gained international recognition and representation through our impactful portrayal of the team, enabling their voices to be heard and Nigerian talent to flourish.

The Impact

Our team’s campaigns during team outings resulted in a significant increase of +75% in followers on X (Twitter) and Instagram, reaching a surplus of 100K and 40K followers respectively. This exceptional growth in followership helped to build trust in the team and its representation of the country.