Fashion brand development

Creating an Identity

Saroni is a women’s wear brand that embodies a tailored minimalist aesthetic and luxurious elegance with wears created for the modern woman looking for sophisticated simplicity and timeless pieces. Our role was to create a brand identity that reflects its values and resonates with its customers.

A clean and minimalist logo that reflects sophistication and luxury incorporating a simple yet elegant typography and color scheme.


Understated elegance.


Luxurious appeal.


Elegance and sophistication.


A luxurious feminine touch.

All uses and applications of the logo must be in only brand colors maintaining the exclusion area. The letter “S” will be used as the brand motif for patterns and decorations

The Saroni voice is refined, confident, and inspiring using language that conveys commitment to high-quality and attention to detail. This voice will maintain a consistent tone across all communication channels, including website, social media, and marketing materials.

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We created a brand identity that effectively conveyed the desired emotions inviting every women to indulge in a world of sophistication and convenience while shopping with confidence. Every item is crafted with the hallmark of our brand’s exceptional standards, ensuring that our customers can enjoy the best quality products.